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Promotional events

Events carried out in 2018 by the Spanish NCP:

- Sustainable Development in the internationalization of the Spanish economy

On 23 November 2018, the Spanish NCP organized this conference to present and reflect jointly on national and multilateral initiatives in the field of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). To this end, we had the presence of experts in the field such as Teresa Ribera, Minister of Ecological Transition, Ángel Gurría, Secretary General of the OECD, or Cristina Gallach, High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda.


- Seminar on Sustainability, Responsibility and Internationalization

On July 5th 2018 the Spanish NCP in the collaboration with ICEX España, Exportación e Inversiones a seminar intended to show how sustainability constitutes a competitive advantage for business in their internationalization processes, and what frames of reference for responsible business conduct.


- International congress: The I National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights: Evaluation, Follow-up and Revision Proposals

On June 14th and 15th 2018 the University of Seville organized an international congress to analyze Spain's first National Action Plna (NAP). The NCP secretariat showcased the contribution of the Secretary of State of Trade towards implementing the measures listed in the NAP, and presented the NCP and its role as extrajudicial grievance mechanism.


- CEOE Conference Transnational Company Agreements

On April 24th 2018 CEOE (acronym of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations) hosted this session that's part of an EU project built around Transnational Company Agreements. The main objective of the project is to examine, from a business perspective, what's the added value of these kinds of global agreement and other initiatives such as the OECD NCPs and Guidelines.


- RBC and Business Forum - Business and Human Rights: new National Action Plan, activity of the National Contact Point of the OECD Guidelines and business experiences

On March 22nd 2018 the NCP secretariat gave the participants an overview of the Spanish National Action Plan, the role of the OECD NCP as well as the challenges that businesses face in their daily activities in relation to human rights thanks to Endesa's experience in the field.


Events carried out in 2017 by the Spanish NCP:

- Seminar on Corporate International RBC

On July 10th 2017 the NCP organized a seminary to promote the OECD standards on Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) with the collaboration of CEOE and the OECD. The panelists discussed the rolo of NCPs, the importance of the Guidelines and RBC from an institutional, business and civil society point of view. In addition, Spanish multinationals such as El Corte Inglés, Telefónica, Adecco, Mapfre or Repsol shared their experiences in RBC and the process of internationalization.


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